Alexey Serebryakov cursed for his phrase about Russian rudeness

Алексея Серебрякова обругали за его фразу о русском хамстве Interview with actor Yuri Dude made a lot of noise. In conversation with journalist Alex, who a few years living abroad, made unflattering comments about the national idea of Russia. Besides the movie star hinted that some regions of the country are still stuck in the 90s.

In an interview with journalist Yuri Dude Aleksey Serebryakov allowed himself harsh statements. He noted that “the power, arrogance and rudeness” are components of the national idea of Russia. “I think that if you drive 30, 50, 70 km from Moscow, many elements of the 1990-ies you’ll see,” said the actor.

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Many colleagues Serebryakova were outraged by these words. Actors and Directors didn’t understand why Alex is so critical to their homeland.

“Frankly, I can only offer sympathy to Alyosha (Alexei Serebryakov) nothing. I hope that he will continue to play in Russia to live there because he is unlikely to need someone,” said Andrei Konchalovsky.

Other actors felt that Serebryakov, who decided not to abandon his words, attracted everyone’s attention. Maxim Vitorgan expressed in the address of Alexei on the page in a social network.

“He took himself boldly for Tuesday and Wednesday – two days spent. But today, Thursday, already suffer. Direct, at least at the Church dance. What we have to suppress feelings and an attack on the foundations before the weekend? Every man for himself, like the family shit-offended? Domestics and no pathos? Or something to rally the whole people-the public in this regard? Someone will take care of the citizens? Foreigners will help us, maybe? Or among his heroes-the abuser will find you?” – voted husband of Ksenia Sobchak.

Other stars less categorical in relation to Alexis. Liya Akhedzhakova believes that Serebryakova just concerned about the situation in Russia. “Alex is smart, slim and caring person, deeply perceiving everything that is happening with the country, and very excited,” said Akhedzhakova.

Recall that Serebryakov several years living in Canada. As Alexei said, he did not renounce Russian citizenship. The actor changed his place of residence, because taking care of the kids Darya, Stephen and Daniel.

“I had to give them the maximum amount of competitive advantage. Where will they live, I don’t know. Maybe Dan married brasillach, and Steve married a Spanish girl. I know that they are open, free, and fluent in English, and probably learn more than one language. They are friendly, tolerant, respect another’s human dignity. They Russian boys,” said Serebryakov the Dude.

According to “RBC”.