Alexey Samsonov showed son

Алексей Самсонов впервые показал сына The star of “House-2” this year became a father. Alexey posted in “Instagram” picture of the son. Former member of telestroke presented online a selfie arm in arm with a young Myron and asked subscribers if the heir at him.
Алексей Самсонов впервые показал сына

Alexey Samsonov for the first time showed the face of the son of Myron. The man posted in “Instagram” selfie arm in arm with a young heir. Samsonov asked fans, like the kid on him. Spouse of the former participant of a reality also published a picture of the son in his account.

Алексей Самсонов впервые показал сына“Well, who’s my son like? Myron A.” – asked Alex subscribers.

According to the wife of Alexei, a former participant of “House-2”. “We have a cot Myron standing near our bed. Usually I slept on the edge. And when we were discharged from the hospital, her husband gave me his seat. He gets up to the baby and rubbing it, comforting when he is crying. For every hour he wound up the clock, afraid and worried: what if the child will vomit in her sleep or cough sometimes. He’s mum. Day son I do. Husband uses work, throw bags, wash hands and immediately to the baby,” – said in an interview with “StarHit” Julia. The couple announced that plans for a maximum of three children.

Father Myron personally buys in sporting store little outfits. And dreams that his son would grow up to be a strong athlete. According to the couple, first holiday the family plans when a child turns a year. We will remind, Alexey and Yulia Samsonova did not show the son of even close friends for about three months.

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