Alexey Samsonov revealed the truth about intimacy with Irina Agibalova

Алексей Самсонов раскрыл правду об интиме с Ириной Агибаловой Eks-the participant “Houses-2” has explained what happened between him and the main “mother” telestroke. Irina Agibalova and Alexey Samsonov was found four years after participation in the project. In the video they answered all the questions of the fans about the relationship with each other.

      One of the most prominent participants of the reality show “Dom-2” Alexey Samsonov met recently with a former “colleague” project Irina Agibalova. A few years ago on telestroke they attributed an intimate relationship. Because Alex has always been considered an enviable man, for his heart was claimed by several women.

      In the video broadcast with the participation of Irina and wife Julia Alex openly told why he had such image on telestroke.

      “The project is a small script. Due to the fact that I have at the moment have not been in a relationship, the editors came up to me and said, need something to do. Invited to admit that Rita had a relationship. We “slept” at the request of the producers. You see, to them it was not enough, they asked me to say in addition about Irina Alexandrovna. I did it. Irina was indignant. I know we had the row at the time. I was wrong: it was all a hoax. Us editors of the project have dissolved as suckers,” explained the ex-reality show participant.

      Besides, Samsonov supported Agibalova, which was in conflict with Africanoboi. The scandal broke on the grounds of slander. Tatyana accused Irina Aleksandrovna that she was hiding from everyone his prison sentence and numerous infidelity. Agibalova are unable to tolerate such rumors about herself and sued.

      Agibalova missed the court with Africanoboi due to health problems

      “I was very disappointed that all four years I wrote that I am a fallen woman sleeping with a young boy, it was necessary, apparently, to walk this path of purification. I never acted on it,” said Irina during the broadcast with Samsonov.

      According to Agibalov, she was very unpleasant and painful when there are such rumors. “After detector I did not want to live. I was driving, and I just wanted to crash. I have three children, grandchildren, husband, and most of all this story has hit them. We found the strength after four years to meet, talk and forgive each other!” – summed up the woman.