Alexey Samsonov forced to apologize for a controversial road accident

Алексея Самсонова заставили извиниться за скандальное ДТП The reality star settled the conflict with Anastasia. Last week a woman was circulated on social networks a post in which he stated that during the incident on the road Samsonov was aggressive and tried to hit her with cancer wife of Paul. Besides, she said, he hit the mirror of their car. The parties to the conflict met at the show “Male/female”.
Алексея Самсонова заставили извиниться за скандальное ДТП

Last week eks-the participant “Houses-2” Alexey Samsonov became the participant of road accident. The man was unable to pass each other on the road with another car, at the wheel which was a cancer man named Paul. According to the wife of the driver of the second car, Anastasia, Alexei wanted to lash out with fists at her husband and knocked the hand mirror.

The woman said that he and Paul were sent to the hospital. He suffers from Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and he had a relapse of the disease. Anastasia came to the program “Male/female” to help her understand the situation. Alexey Samsonov outraged by the charges in the accident

“They began to speak in a raised voice, Alex cried out something and threatened the husband. I ran out of the car, stood between them. I begged him not to touch my husband as he can not get any injuries,” – said the participant of the conflict.
Алексея Самсонова заставили извиниться за скандальное ДТП

The woman claims that she wants Samsonov paid money for broken mirror and apologized. According to her, deprived of stable employment, her husband transported the people on the taxi, so the car their “feed”. The couple has two growing children.

Alexey Samsonov also came to the broadcast Studio. According to man Paul did not let him overtake. At some point, the star of “House-2” got out of the car and decided to find out why another member of the movement has behaved this way on the road. According to Samsonov, handing back car hit the mirror of his hand so it broke.

“No there was no physical altercation, no chutani,” said Alex.

The crew also heard a version of Paul, who is now in hospital.

Алексея Самсонова заставили извиниться за скандальное ДТП“It was scary when he started to behave aggressively. In that moment, when I took his picture, he ran after me, wanted to choose a phone. I ran through a puddle,” said the driver.
Алексея Самсонова заставили извиниться за скандальное ДТП

Relatives supported Paul. Friends and classmates of the men told how she learned of the incident on the road and spread information in social networks. In turn, Alexei stood up other ex-participants of the reality show, Rustam Solntsev and Andrey Chuev, and his friend, social activist Zlata Chepurnaya. They all claimed that Samsonov is sometimes quick-tempered, but not handsy.

The man realized that he should ask for forgiveness from the relatives of Paul for his behavior. He noted that through their participation in the program on the First channel, Anastasia will be able to get financial aid, even though she denies that they are not looking for financial support.

“I want to apologize for this situation. I didn’t know you had such grief in the family, didn’t even anticipate. We will arrange all you will do, the mirror will deliver,” said Samsonov.