Alexey Samsonov believes that the culprit is looking for PR for his account

Алексей Самсонов считает, что виновники ДТП хотят попиариться за его счет
The other day Alexey Samsonov was forced to relive his fans, reporting the accident in which he fell.

Алексей Самсонов считает, что виновники ДТП хотят попиариться за его счет

Other participants of the accident written statement to the police on the Samson as it does not managed to settle everything peacefully.

“I moved along the narrow two-lane road, there was traffic. Alex was trying to overtake us, drove into the oncoming lane. Apparently, they have not calculated their strength. He really wanted that we missed our number, but it was impossible due to heavy traffic. Samsonov was angry, showed us his fists and obscene gestures. He did not calm down. Followed us, blocked the road, ran out, started screaming and knocked the fist exterior mirror”, – says the participant of the incident.

But Samsonov believes that offenders looking for PR on his behalf.

“I wanted to change in the overall flow, and I blocked the road and didn’t allow to pass, – says the man. – I got out of the car to talk with the offender. We just started getting into languages, no scandal was not without a Mat. The man, who was driving, knocked the glass of the car on my hand. In the end I just left, and this man along with his wife were left standing on the hazard lights. Going to a statement writing, although the reasons for this. Must have recognized me as a media personality and just want PR”.

Let’s see what will end this conflict.

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