Alexey Panin told about the secret love Affairs with famous Actresses

Алексей Панин поведал о тайных романах с известными актрисами Movie star used to shock fans of the scandalous acts. Tenth of September the man was 40 years old. On the eve of the anniversary, he openly spoke about the main love interests.

Alexey Panin often Frank with the fans. He admits that the earlier dated many famous Actresses. So, the man admitted that in 2006 he had a relationship with Marina Alexandrova. According to star cinema, the novel was swift and incredibly emotional for both.

“Our relationship was very honest, sincere and real, but moved too quickly. We almost immediately moved in together. Honestly, I haven Marina needs the money. Then she went on a business trip to Rome, left me a car and I was well smashed. Alexandrov generously turned a blind eye. I still gnawing conscience for the incident,” said the actor.

According to Panina, Marina Alexandrova needed a calm, level-headed partner, but he could not become such. Together they lived only a few months, then broke up peacefully and without scandal.

According to Alexey, he was having an affair with another famous actress, Catherine Spica.

“We met when Katia was not famous and, frankly, from talking with me, she has not acquired any bonuses. I then did not Shine, sometimes I drank during filming, and festivals. When it was bad mentally, called the Spitz. I still remember, how came to her half-drunk, unwashed, and she warmed me. I lay on the floor on her knees and asked that Kate didn’t leave me”, – said Panin.

Previously, Alex was thought to have an affair with Tatiana Arntgolts, but the assurances of the actor, they were not bound romantic relationship. Panin is no denying that caring for a colleague, but ultimately made only of friendship. Man and now speaks about movie star only positively, considering it to be a close friend.

Actress Lyubov Zaitseva was also a passion Panin. Alex admitted that for the sake of the beloved did stupid and dangerous things. So, one day he jumped into the cold Seine, to impress your second half during their trip to Paris. To present a pleasant gift sweetheart, the man repeatedly pawned his car.

Despite a tumultuous personal life, Panin was officially married only once. In an interview to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, he admitted that he still misses his wife Lyudmila Grigoryeva and secretly hopes that they will be able to reunite.