Alexey Panin told about the love Affairs with famous Actresses

Алексей Панин рассказал о любовных связях с известными актрисами

Scandalous actor Alexei Panin, who is fighting for his daughter with his ex-wife, razotkrovennichalsya with fans on the eve of his 40th birthday, spoke about the novels with famous Actresses.

Алексей Панин рассказал о любовных связях с известными актрисами

The actor is used to attract the audience with outrageous behavior, and stories. He admits that earlier had an affair with a famous actress. For example, Panin admitted that in 2006 he had a relationship with Russian actress Marina Alexandrova. The actor said that their relationship developed rapidly. The actor even owed the Marina.

“Our relationship was very honest, sincere and real, but moved too quickly. We almost immediately moved in together. Honestly, I haven Marina needs the money. Then she went on a business trip to Rome, left me a car and I was well smashed. Alexandrov generously turned a blind eye. I still gnawing conscience for the incident,” said the actor.

Алексей Панин рассказал о любовных связях с известными актрисами

Says Panin, Marina was the quiet man who can make balanced decisions. They lived together for a couple of months, and then departed. The breakup occurred without scandals, and quite peaceful. The actor understood that he could not change.

According to Alexey, he was having an affair with the star of the film “brothel Lights” Catherine Spica. The actor believes that the girl is not received any privileges in fellowship with him. “We met when Katia was not famous and, frankly, from talking with me, she has not acquired any bonuses. I then did not Shine, sometimes I drank during filming, and festivals. When it was bad mentally, called the Spitz. I still remember, how came to her half-drunk, unwashed, and she warmed me. I lay on the floor on her knees and asked that Kate didn’t dump me,” says Panin.

But one actor was credited fans. Panin denied rumors fans about his romantic relationship with Tatyana Arntgolts. He admitted that the courtship was a place, but any ways he could not achieve. They remained close friends and the actor still remembers Tatiana is a good word.

For actress Lyubov Zaitseva Panin as well cared for and have even done some stupid things that would attract a girl’s attention. Once he jumped into the cold river Seine, that would impress his beloved during their joint trip to Paris. The actor often does not have enough money for expensive gifts to his girlfriend, which he could lay the car.

Despite such a large number of dates and girls, Alex was married only once. In an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda” actor admitted that he still misses his ex-wife Lyudmila Grigoryeva. He hopes that once they can be reunited.