Alexey Panin stripped naked in the Crimea

Алексей Панин разделся донага в Крыму

Scandalously famous actor Alexey Panin gives the public peace. This time a celebrity has caused a new wave of indignation, bare during a holiday in the Crimea. Alex was too hot in a swimsuit, so he’s not shy and others were bare. My naked photo Panin-Amateur nudist beaches, has published on his page in the social network.

“Daughters are not around, she’s with her friends, (especially for those who want to speak on this subject), but the children here a lot. And their parents to refer to this normal” — said subscribers artist.
Needless to say that after a few minutes of Panin in the costume of Adam again was a star Network. Users called him a “pervert” and “mentally ill person” who should be “isolated from society”. Meanwhile, the number of signatures for a forced psychiatric examination by Alexei exceeded a thousand.
Recall that for several weeks, the antics of Alex at all. In the Internet appeared the video, which Panin in lingerie walks in residential districts of the city and masturbated and engaged in oral sex with a man.
The former wife of actor Julia Udintsev, the mother of his daughter of nyusi, asks to take the child from his father, the pervert, and believes that staying with him affects the psyche of girls.