Alexey Panin spoke about the end of the feud with ex-wife

Алексей Панин заговорил об окончании вражды с экс-супругой The actor for the first time lately managed to peacefully communicate with the mother of the NYSE. Alexey Panin hinted that he was glad the warming of relations between him and Julia Yudintseva. The woman arrived in Moscow from St. Petersburg for a meeting with her daughter.
Алексей Панин заговорил об окончании вражды с экс-супругой

It seems that the relationship of the former spouses, the actor Alexei Panin and mother of his daughter Julia Yudintseva the long-awaited warming.

For the first time in a long time Julia Udintsev arrived in Moscow for meetings with NUS and ex-husband. No evidence that a peaceful date night Threesome took place, Alexey Panin has not yet published. Instead, the actor just recorded a video in which he and his daughter with great enthusiasm and joy talk about how the meeting went with Julia. But judging by the happy faces of a father and his daughter NYSE, all she say in the video, true.

“We have a very good good morning. To us yesterday, despite all the hindrances and obstacles, reached the mother, utters in the frame of Alexei Panin. – And if to speak seriously, we are all very glad that us yesterday, for the first time in many years, managed to sit down and talk normal without swearing, without squabbling, without the mud. We were three of us. Even four – we were presented with the hare. We drank tea, went to Donskoy monastery and escorted mom home. And if further so will go, then everything in life will be very chic.”

Fans of the actor were given to understand that he is very excited for him. They claim that they always believed and knew that the former couple can finally settle. “Alex, really happy for you. You have done a great job, good luck, and I hope that now you all will be well!” “Mom is always fun. Alex, you are a man with a capital letter!”, “It is important that NUS was happy!”, “That’s what grown-UPS do. Nice to hear that at least you have solved one huge problem, Super, Alex, how good of you relaxed and happy. Better peace in this life is nothing” – supported Alexei Panin and his followers.

Recall now the daughter Panin nyusya with him and his 23-year-old girl Olga. The choice of the actor is good at communicating with the girl. This summer they spent several weeks in the Crimea. Beloved artist’s works for the First channel. Their acquaintance took place in the spring of this year. According to star, they with Olga are very similar. “Daughter feels people who surround me. When I saw Olenka, immediately said: “Dad, I love it!” My girls quickly became friends, they have a lot to talk about. We already have a rest together – broke a few weeks from the capital of Crimea. Plans don’t build, live for today!” – shared Alexei with “StarHit”.