Alexey Panin section a pornographic actress in the first clip

Алексей Панин раздел порноактрису в дебютном клипе The flamboyant actor is working on a video featuring Eva Berger, star of adult films. According to the girl, she genuinely is happy to work with old friends Alexei Panin. The artist acted as the Director of the movie.
Алексей Панин раздел порноактрису в дебютном клипе

Scandalous actor Alexei Panin continues to surprise with new projects. After the launch of the show on YouTube “Hypobole” the artist announced that he was going to conquer the musical Olympus. The man is going to try himself as a singer.

Soon Alexey will present the debut music video, which should make a lot of noise in the Network. According to Panina, the main role in the video performed famous actress of adult films Eva Berger. The Director of the movie was the actor himself. The details of the upcoming premiere of Alexei prefers to keep secret in order to intrigue the public.

“I’m not working on a film, I will film a video where I sing. Speakers in this clip, and as a Director. The song I gave my friend Stas Kostyushkin. Eva Berger removed my clip in one of their main roles. No porn there, though there are explicit scenes!” – told the artist.
Алексей Панин раздел порноактрису в дебютном клипе

In Instagram eve were the photos made on the set. Berger has intrigued fans of provocative shots. One of them redheaded actress posing Nude in the bath.

“Long wanted and finally co-starred together with Alexey Panin. The movie will be fire,” says eve.

After the publication of Berger, the Network has come to the conclusion that the actor decided to shoot an adult film with her participation. Later it turned out that we are talking about the clip. In one scene, video Eva is campaigning to vote for Panin. The woman was not afraid to get naked to pose on city streets.

Previously, many social media users joked about when shocking Panin decide to storm the musical Olympus behind a TV presenter Olga Buzova, whose hits sings the whole country. During a recent conversation with journalists Alexey said he heard a lot of similar comments. “So I sing”, – said the artist to the “national News Service”.

Note that Eva Berger – nickname Hope Nikitina, in the past worked as a teacher of Russian language and literature at one of the schools of Tula. At 24, she went to Budapest to start acting in adult films. In February, the actress gave a Frank interview to one of editions, in which he told about the behind the scenes of pornography. After some time, she wrote a few controversial columns for other media. Apparently, Berger had long been familiar with Alexei Panin, who invited her to their debut video.

Later Stas Kostyushkin commented on the new work by Alexei Panin in the microblog. The singer has recorded a video message in which he said that is irrelevant to this project.

“I call up news outlets with the story that Alex takes pornoclip for my song “Facts” that I recorded about half a year ago. Indeed, two or three months we were talking about this song. He tried to sing, nothing happened, we broke up. Now I know that Alex took a porn star and shoots video… Very Lesha I can not get through, to obtain from him any comments too, of course. I can only say that I have no relation to this delirium” – shared Kostyushkin.

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