Алексей Панин доказал, что женат The actor said that he created marriage once and for life. Alexey Panin showed fans sharing photos with his wife and showed a passport with a stamp from the Registrar’s office. The flamboyant actor says that his only wife so far is Lyudmila Grigorieva.
Алексей Панин доказал, что женат

Actor Alexei Panin made a new loud statement. As it turned out, he has a legal wife, with whom he had four and a half years is legally married. Despite all the reports about the divorce with Lyudmila Grigoryeva and news about the creation of a new family that reporters Panin commented himself, Lucy is still his only wife. Alexey Panin married girlfriend ex-wife

As noted in my post in the blog on this topic Alexey Panin it forever.

“Dear journalists, stop, please, call all the women who were with me, and even gave birth to my children, my ex-wives. It’s all nonsense! There is only one wife, Grigorieva Ludmila (Lucy). Children, unfortunately, we have not. She was, is and will be! Forever”, written under the Queen, actor.

Fans immediately bombarded the star with questions, they are interested in, where is now a young woman and whether she was okay. In response to Alexey Panin has published a photo of the passport with a stamp about a marriage, writing that printing the document stands to this day.

“People started to worry and ask questions about Lucy. She’s alive! It’s all good! We are temporarily just not together! That’s how we live – the stamp is, and no wife”, – told about his family situation Panin.

Followers of the actor admired the gesture. They found that it proves that Alex is a sensitive man. In addition, they found that the post artist wrote to try to return her, which, as they thought he still loves.

“Alex, you can be surprisingly subtle and sensual. It seems to me that behind the mask of the rebel is just a man who loves. Really love one. And if she called him now to live somewhere in the village, but probably in the woods in a tent, he would have gone after her, and would have lived a quiet family life with his beloved if only”, “Even more admire you. Love and be loved,” “Once we meet their mother the human soul, and releasing, trying to find similar to it. You are sure to be together. In the sky see everything. You are very good. I really hope that your love still believe in your sincerity and feelings, and make you a step forward”, – assured the loyal fans of Alexei Panin.

We will remind, for the last time in the life of an actor has been significant positive change. Alexey Panin and the mother of his daughter NUS for the first time in a long time managed to communicate peacefully. A week ago Julia Udintsev came to Moscow to see a girl and her dad. All three of them walked around the capital, visited the Donskoy monastery, and even drank tea in a cafe. Panin was very excited about this meeting and happily reported it to his followers.