Alexey Panin owe traffic police 250 thousand rubles

Алексей Панин задолжал ГИБДД 250 тысяч рублей In the new year, the actor joined an impressive amount of fines. Panin is obliged to pay nearly a quarter of a million rubles for violation of the rules on the roads – speeding, wrong Parking, travel on forbidding signal of the traffic light, crossing a solid.
Алексей Панин задолжал ГИБДД 250 тысяч рублей

“Alesha has been a difficult period, – says the “StarHit” Vladimir, a friend of a celebrity. First ex-wife Julia tried to take his daughter NUS, followed by a girl Olga broke up… the nerves, and pressed on the gas pedal. And the movement we have is: the tube a hold of him, and then he rushes at full speed, you just don’t notice the signs. Has accumulated more than 100 receipts. I hope he will soon repay the debt. Still constantly involved in new projects, the money is found”.

Sam Alex about the problems with the law extend not in a hurry. In response to the question, why have not paid, outraged.

“Better ask those who likes to talk on the subject – says “StarHit” Panin. – Their problems for everyone to see the exhibit will not”.
Алексей Панин задолжал ГИБДД 250 тысяч рублей

By the WAY

The behavior of famous people on the slopes often causes heated discussion in the media. Some ignore the rules of the road, others allow themselves to get behind the wheel drunk. “StarHit” decided to recall the resonance of an accident with participation of stars.

In early 2016 a storm of scandal erupted around the famous actor Valery Nikolaev. His name did not descend from the front pages of national media for several months.

The actor staged a series of violations in public places of Moscow. Nikolaev brought down the woman who crossed the tram tracks, then the star of the series “Bourgeois’s birthday” decided not to obey the police. After the incident, the actor spent several days in the police station surrounded by officers of law enforcement and journalists. His behavior has caused a wave of indignation among the public.

According to Nikolaev, the staff of traffic police who tried to detain him, had on the artist’s intense pressure and tried to get out of the car. Valery fundamentally did not want to get out of a car, though, as he spoke, he was in possession of all the documents.

However, a surveillance camera recorded as Valery starts to get away from law enforcement officers, endangering their lives. The footage shows that officers are trying to stop the car of the actor that is moving forward, despite the fact that they are holding on to her bonnet. Star actually crushes people, not controlling their actions.

“If someone was not comfortable in this situation, please understand me: why do you hold the vent?” explained his actions, the artist a few years ago.
Алексей Панин задолжал ГИБДД 250 тысяч рублей

In 2014, people’s artist Catherine Shavrina got into a fatal accident. The accident killed the younger sister of the singer, Tatiana. Another relative popular favorite, Happy, still restores health after the incident.

Three years ago, Shavrina and her two sisters Happy and Tatyana was driving on the highway. The singer made a sharp maneuver, crossed two solid. The artist didn’t see the oncoming car, the collision occurred. For several years now Glad Toneva requires from the famous sister of Catherine of repentance. According to the woman, the singer stopped to chat with family and refuses to help miraculously surviving sister.

Catherine Shavrina refused to comment on the accident. Before the fateful crash, the singer boasted that loves Scorcher on the road and loves speed.

At the end of last year, the star of “House-2” Gleb Zhemchugov drunk got behind the wheel of a new car and rammed several cars. Ex-participant of the TV project in a hurry for shooting the talk show.

Gleb Zhemchugov was found guilty of committing an administrative offense. “Strawberry” was arrested for ten days for driving in an alcohol intoxication. After the incident, the star of “House-2” admitted that he reconsidered his life and many things in it.

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