Alexey Panin has shared an intimate photo of the bathroom

Алексей Панин поделился интимным фото из ванной The actor surprised the public. Alexei Panin released a provocative picture in which he poses, barely covered with a towel. So the man decided to answer one of the fans. Publication of the artist provoked heated debate on the Network.
Алексей Панин поделился интимным фото из ванной

Scandalous actor Alexei Panin never ceases to amaze the public. Recently, the artist laid out in Instagram the photo where he poses in evening dress on the streets of St. Petersburg. Apparently, the picture was taken at the filming of the project, which involved Alex. Subscribers Panin found that it is a similar style of clothing. “Your autograph”, “If a carouse, in the cylinder” “How can not stand”, “Cool”, “the English dandy”, “where are the gentlemen go”, “Good”, “the Naughty flirt”, “Elegant”, and discussed them.

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One of the fans of Alex we decided to ask the artist how he looks the next morning after a night spent in St. Petersburg. The actor appreciated the joke and shared a picture in which he poses after a shower, covered with a towel.

“After I posted a photo in evening dress, some people sarcastically joked that they would like to see how I’ll look in the morning. Please!” – said Panin.
Алексей Панин поделился интимным фото из ванной

Users of social networks ambiguously reacted to the publication of Alexis. Some praised the actor for his courage and urged not to pay attention to the comments of spiteful critics. “Wow”, “you Know how to surprise. That’s working now, After such a photography mood has risen on all day”, “It’s powerful”, “Man without complexes”, “Thank you for the positive,” “I Think that all the fans liked”, “Without his coat, In the form of” – discussed on the Internet.

At the same time, other followers Panin, on the contrary, condemned him for the provocative picture. “Again”, “Awful”, “This is the clinic,” commented on them.

Note that now Alexey Panin starred in the YouTube show “Hypobole”, editions of which appear on the same channel. Recently, the actor touched on one of the most discussed events of recent times – the participation of Ksenia Sobchak in the presidential elections.

The correspondent of the program went to the press conference of celebrity to ask her a question. “After your nomination of a notorious person decided to do the same. For Example, Alexey Panin. He said: “Prespork the horse”, – the journalist addressed Sobchak.

Narusova on the nomination Sobchak: “It was the most difficult choice in my life.”

“I think he is a great artist, then continues in the same spirit. I wish Alex good luck in his project. I hope that he will play, and his career will go smoothly. If he likes to mention every animal in its treatment, it is his right. The main thing that was within the Criminal code. To each his own. Here, rather, you need to talk with the organization for the protection of animals,” – said Ksenia.