Alexey Panin has mocked reports of his own death

Алексей Панин посмеялся над сообщениями о собственной гибели In the media appeared information about the tragic death of the actor. Alexey Panin, learning about what information is spread about it the Ukrainian newspaper, was shocked. Friends and acquaintances of the artist at the moment call him one after the other.

      Алексей Панин посмеялся над сообщениями о собственной гибели

      Actor Alexey Panin is now in the Krasnodar region on tour. Suddenly the star began to call all his friends and acquaintances and ask if he was okay. Alex first could not understand what had caused such concern. It turned out that one of the Ukrainian Internet portal reported that the car Panina at a speed of 160 kilometers per hour and flew into the oncoming lane and collided with a truck, resulting in the actor supposedly died.

      Journalistic “duck” was instantly picked up by other publications, describing in detail the circumstances of the incident. The details of the fictional “death” of the artist were depicted so vividly that many really believed it. “Panin was driving at high speed. The blow was so strong that Alexey Panin was not likely to survive. Now on a place of GAI. The driver of a truck and received minor injuries,” he published shocking information, the Ukrainian Internet-portal with reference to the personal sources in the traffic police.

      Alexey Panin was not a little taken aback by the number of publications describing in detail his death. The artist spoke a little hastily on this subject, and to assure the public that he is alive, healthy and full of energy.

      “Like, it was fun at first, but now I already as-that not on itself: there is so much detail painted the accident. Even the speed indicated where my car was allegedly hit by a truck. I don’t understand who needs it?” – commented the actor.

      It is noteworthy that this unpleasant situation does not upset Alexei. On the contrary, he hastened to make a joke on this subject in his characteristic manner. On that occasion, the actor invited all those who are concerned for his life and health to a show in which he plays.

      “I understand there are many people who don’t love me. Probably they only were glad, after learning this news. But all those who treat me decently, I want to say that I’m alive! On 14 April I will play in Sochi. Will “the nine days”. As they say, invited me to “the funeral”, – said Alexey in conversation with journalists of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

      The stars often become victims of unscrupulous journalists who spread false information about their possible death. For example, a few months ago in several media reports emerged about the tragic death of singer Valeria. In this edition, disseminating this information, used all the same scenario – the death in a traffic accident. The singer and her husband Joseph Prigozhin, then hastened to assure everyone that with them everything is in order and no accident was not.

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