Алексей Панин подвергся критике за жуткое воспитание дочери The actor posted a video in which he, along with the heir priobretaet alcohol. Alexei Panin was removed, the girl in the supermarket trolley wheels with alcohol. According to fans, the child should not do with their parents [ … ]

Alexey Panin has faced repeated criticism directed to the address of his parent’s talents. The fact that the actor has a scandalous reputation and, according to many fans, can not engage in a full-fledged education ten-year daughter Ani.

The former artist’s wife Julia Udintsev not the first year fighting for custody of the girl. However, Anna insists on staying with his father. She always defends the star of a parent, noting that I’m absolutely happy with it.

Panin regularly posting photos with her daughter, but also shares funny videos with her participation. However, one of the last of the rollers caused the dissatisfaction of the users of the Network. The fact that it depicted a girl to buy alcoholic drinks.

“News, what are you doing? Bread you buy? Well, good for you,” says behind the scenes Panin, while the daughter pushes the aisle in the supermarket trolley with bottles.

Most fans of the actor appreciated his joke, but there were those who condemned Alexis. “Some example you’re setting for the child? Most importantly, to not let to try”, “still do not sell, but worth a try”, “I will Go too for some bread I’ll go” – opinions of fans of star family.

Anna tries not to react to criticism directed against the father. She often puts the gifts that she makes a stellar dad. So, recently the man gave the heiress a pricey gyrometer. The girl was definitely delighted with the gift and hurried to put some pictures with it.

Previously, Panin has repeatedly said that the daughter is the main meaning of his life. He is ready to fight for custody of her, because I am sure that only with the father, the NUS will be really happy. The man is always touching signs pictures, which depicted the heiress, telling her of the sincerity of parents ‘ feelings.

“While we are together, we are invincible”, – Panin has signed one of the last photos of Anna.

She often attends social events with his father. Alex introduced her to many of his lady, and Anna managed to find common language with them. According to fans, child may negatively influence the scandalous reputation that surrounds Panin. However, the actor assures that his personal and intimate life does not come into contact with parental responsibilities.