Alexey Panin got into a serious accident and preparing for surgery

Алексей Панин попал в серьезную аварию и готовится к операции

The actor arrived on tour in Sochi with the performance “Viy”, where he plays a major role. But to please the audience with their game, unfortunately, will not succeed. A few hours ago he was in a serious accident and is now forced to go on operation to Moscow.

According to Alexey Panin, the accident occurred on the highway from serpentine road in the mountains. The driver drove the car with average speed, but at one point could not cope with control and the car jumped off the curb. The artist sitting in front, failed to hit his face…

“After the last show on the road I drove home on the serpentine road, the car slid and slipped on lipuchke from the curb. I unsuccessfully hit his face,” – said Alexey Panin.

He also added that no one else was injured. He rode ahead, and his colleagues followed him in another car.

The doctors who Panin asked a few hours later after the accident, diagnosed him with a fractured cheekbone. Now the actor, according to passes common tests and preparing for surgery in Moscow.

I hope that operation will pass successfully Panin, and his optimism and sense of humor will help to rehabilitate.

By the way, about the sense of humor of an actor. Some time ago he stated in the social network that married a friend of his former wife. And while fans and journalists congratulated him on this wonderful event, Panin admitted that he was joking.

“Journalists wander through my website and don’t understand our jokes with friends. Write what you want. And actually my wife since March 9, 2013 is Grigoryeva Lyudmila Sergeevna!” – said Alexey Panin.

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