Alexey Panin got a tattoo of a naked ex-wife

Алексей Панин сделал татуировку обнаженной экс-супруги Actor forever imprinted memory of the woman he loves. Alexey Panin not hide the fact that really suffers from the separation with his ex-wife. He tries to do everything to melt the heart of his beloved Ludmila.

      Алексей Панин сделал татуировку обнаженной экс-супруги

      The marriage of actor Alexey Panin and his lady Lyudmila Grigoryeva was brief, but left an indelible mark on the soul of a man. For several years he tried to return the favorite, but all his hopes were in vain. The former spouse does not reciprocates his feelings and do not give the slightest chance to restore a previous relationship. However, the love of Alex knows no bounds – he is ready to do everything in memory of happy days spent together with Lyudmila. Recently, he decided that from that ex-wife will always be with him, at least in the form of a tattoo on his arm. As a thumbnail Alex brought master a photo with ex-wife, where she is depicted completely naked.

      “Why did you decide to make this tattoo, it’s hard to answer – says the “StarHit” Panin. – Because it’s my wife. Here we are still together, and we are happy. Did you have a permanent master. While there were two approaches, but there will be another correction. We are with Lucy in Odessa”.
      Алексей Панин сделал татуировку обнаженной экс-супруги

      Apparently, the actor did not mind that now everyone will see his ex-wife in such a blatant form in the bicep. Alexey Panin tries to do everything to melt the heart of his ex-wife. Even short-term Affairs with other women are unable to fill the void in his soul. He realized that only Ludmila can brighten up his life. Hoping to return to his beloved, he started a Grand renovation in the apartment. Moreover, Alex intends to make a gesture – to give shelter to his ex-wife, and then live with it happily and never be apart.

      “When we were together with my wife, then I rented another apartment. After the divorce, I lived in Leningrad and was looking for my daughter that I took her mother, Julia Udintsev. After I returned the daughter, and again began to work, I started to make repairs. I hope that things will get better soon and my wife will come back. I want to give it back to her apartment. I wish she knew that, no matter what happens in life, she has a place to live,” admitted “StarHit” actor.

      Panin’s blaming herself for what once allowed himself to hurt her and her family. He deeply regretted the incident. However, while ex-fiancee doesn’t reciprocate so ardent Declaration of love and romantic gestures, and Alex continues to dream of a day when Ludmila’ll forgive him.

      Alexey Panin has published a “naked” photo of ex-wife