Alexey Panin fooling around in lingerie on the streets of Ulyanovsk

Алексей Панин дурачился в женском белье на улицах Ульяновска

Alexey Panin again became the star of social networking. The world wide web wandering the new sensational video, which is seen as an artist in a state of alcoholic intoxication, and women’s underwear walking down the street. Panin, whose age and so many of the scandals, said that the video was recorded a while ago and now it is not so.

Videos have already begun to remove from the Network for indecency. I suppose that video was filmed in Ulyanovsk, in one of the residential areas.
“This is an absolute mockery, we were fooling around. Yes, at this point we were drinking, so personally, I watch this video it is unpleasant” — justified Alex. Panin has no idea how the video from the home archive hit the net.
Now, the artist “lives a different life” and doesn’t even want to think about their scandalous past, and it is extremely frustrating that the video appeared in social networks. Panin says that he stopped drinking alcohol and generally lead an exemplary life, an exemplary father.
Recall that last year, shortly before the court hearing, which decided the place of residence of the minor daughter of the artist of nyusi, thundered out a terrible scandal: Alexey is accused of having sex with a dog. Panin immediately denied their presence on the video and said that it was masterfully framed, removing the video double. Whatever it was, Alexei was able to convince the judge that the daughter should live with him.