Alexey Panin escaped punishment in court

Алексей Панин избежал наказания в суде Opponent did not come to the meeting. The lawyer of the former civil wife of Alexei Panin Alexander Pachev accused the actor that he beat him. A year later he decided to invoke the responsibility of the offender, but he ignored the hearing.

      Алексей Панин избежал наказания в суде

      Actor Alexey Panin known for his hot temper and often finds himself in the epicenter of scandals. A year ago he tried to indict and prosecute for the injury which the actor allegedly struck the lawyer of his former civil wife Yulia Yudintseva Alexander Pochueva. As stated by the victim, January 15 at the station in Peterhof he caused bodily injury to a defender of the interests of his ex-wife. Alexander said that the actor punched him on the arm and showed the abrasion on the Shin. But then the case does not even take into consideration, as the police have not found traces of violence on the body of a lawyer. However, the man did not leave hope to get even with Panin for his behavior and re-turned to the temple of Themis. But this time, Alexander did not achieve punishment of Alex, so as not to come in the courtroom.

      “The court regarded the failure as a repudiation of the charges and dismissed the case,” said the lawyer Panina Vitaly Chumak.

      Apparently, now he tries not to get involved in fights and conflicts. Now all his thoughts are to take care of his daughter NUS, who now lives with him.

      “The NUS is now living with me and mom is not going to. It’s her will. He and his mother do not communicate at all. Julia did everything to set daughter against him. Now comes to the fact that NUS is starting to hate her,” admitted Panin “StarHit”.

      Many have not forgotten the fierce struggle for the right of parents to educate their child.

      “As you know, he took his daughter to her mother. Mom and I had a long conversation. Asking the daughter not to blame, bad about Alex and his mom not to talk, play with my daughter, going to the movies. But she took my daughter’s phone, read the correspondence with his father, where the NUS writes to the Pope that he wants to him that her poor mother, and gave her a scandal, called grandmother and so on. Result: the NUS ran to dad. Panin did not steal daughter! Now mom calls me and demands that I again helped to return her daughter. If the child does not want to! What can I do?” — said a close friend of actor Andrey Kovalev.

      It was one of those conflicts and clashed with avtomatom Udintseva. According to the publication “Fontanka”, a year ago side Panina was taken by the authorities, who claimed that the actor did not inflict injuries to the opponent.