Alexey Panin commented on the nudity in front of eight-year-old daughter

Алексей Панин прокомментировал обнажение перед восьмилетней дочерью

Was not, was not, was not, was not, was not even close! Brawler Alexei Panin said that he had not posted on his page on the social network “naked” photos on the page in a social network, and considers it to be the antics of detractors.

Алексей Панин прокомментировал обнажение перед восьмилетней дочерью
Yesterday the public was shocked by the appearance of photos of Alexei on the page in the social network in open access. The public was alarmed, because eight-year-old daughter Panina NUS could see his father like this. No one doubts have arisen — Alex, who has repeatedly called himself a supporter of nudism began to instill a love for the exposure of his infant daughter. But he swears he couldn’t post the photo from personal archive, because the “day sat”.

“I put this photo in the blog. I have long suspected that my Facebook page was hacked. Some people that I don’t feel very good about and want to discredit me, posted this photo. This image was hidden in the pictures, where is my album with nudist beaches. This photo I couldn’t upload because the day I was without Internet. Went and found on the personal page of photos in the public domain. Of course, I immediately deleted it. I emphasize once again: this picture I did not put” — the actor told “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.
Thus Alexey does not hide that loves to be naked and no shame in not seeing. He is over eighteen years old is a regular at nudist beaches. The love for these places was transmitted by his longtime beloved resident of Yalta Asya. With the previous wife Lucy they are also frequently visited nudist beaches and even lived there for a while.
“Nothing obscene in them. There are families with children, but when children no sex is not involved. If someone thinks that must swim in swimming trunks and bathing suits – it is your right, I prefer to do it naked. People have got it in their minds the stereotypes, and we and our children are free people. I never hid its position, but it’s the scandalous photo I did not put” — said Panin.

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