Alexey Panin again publicly exposed

Алексей Панин снова публично обнажился The actor took off all his clothes and left completely naked. Says Panin, this time he undressed for the sake of art. However, Alex is convinced that he will understand a few.

Alexey Panin odious figure, his name has long been given the prefix “infamous”. He gives reasons. For ten years he publicly fights with the mother of his daughter for custody. In parallel, he gets into scrapes: Panin accumulated fines of 250 thousand rubles for improper driving. But most of all Panin shocking the audience his passion for nudity. He’s running around in a negligee, then publishes a photo from a nudist beach, then shoots a music video featuring porn stars.

Alexey Panin section a pornographic actress in the first clip

The actor continues to surprise the audience. This time, he published a photo, which is absolutely naked. It turned out that this time the movie star has undressed for the sake of art, and the photo was taken during a rehearsal of a new play involving Panina. The artist is convinced that the play by Jean Genet and staged by student of Roman Viktyuk Taras Kulagova won’t understand everything.

“Rehearsal of the play by Jean Genet “the Bomber”. It is a pity that half of our society do not even understand what you wrote about what a genius of world literature. Russia, Our Russia”, – signed photo of Alexey Panin.

The creativity of the French dramatist and writer Jean Genet, in his lifetime caused controversy and fierce criticism. The characters in his works, as a rule, prostitutes, pimps, thieves and murderers. Him several times jailed for theft, for example. Themes that were raised by the Wife, does not hide his homosexual, was so provocative that some time his books were banned in the then puritanical America. Play “the Suicide”, which will play Panin, autobiographical and dedicated to the second half of the author. His friend was executed for murder in 1939.

Among the commentators there were those who supported the new work by Alexei and expressed his admiration for his talent. “The envy of the people was, is and will… Continue to delight us with Your roles, And I really like it Viktyuk theatre and his actors, offer to go together…” “Artistic photo. Our body is from God and it must be love! Good luck and Creativity!”, – posted by Internet users of the artists.