Алексея Нилова назвали копией Федора Бондарчука
To know the star of the TV series “Streets of broken lamps” can be difficult.

Alexey Nilov with his wife Helen

Photo: Boris Kremer

The St. Petersburg actor, who recently replaced
image for filming in new projects, decided not to change the image in real life. On
the festival “Vivat cinema of Russia!” in the Northern capital Alexey Nilov appeared
clipped “at zero” and with a stylish goatee. Friends jokingly called it St. Petersburg
a copy of Fyodor Bondarchuk, who chose this style for many years ago,
and the similarities are indeed there. By the way, in his youth, during the affair with Pauline Kamanina, Nilov was already shaving my head, to surprise his beloved.

It should be noted that the difficult period in the life of an actor associated
with his addictions, is long past — and this has a positive effect, including,
on the appearance of Alex. 52-year-old Neal, who in his career had UPS and
fall is now in excellent physical shape, he is busy at once in
several film projects. With his current wife Elena, which is traditionally
accompanied by famous spouse for all social events, they look
the perfect couple.

Life star of the series “Streets of broken lights” was
very intense. Before I met Elena a few times he was married (twice officially) and has three
children. In marriage with Anna zamotaeva a daughter, Elizabeth, civil wife Susanna
Zurich bore him a son Dmitry and Irina Klimova — son, Nikita. Almost all
former beloved Actresses were nil, but the happiness he found with a woman
far from this profession. Previously, Elena was a sales assistant, then
professionally engaged in photography.

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