Алексей Малахов: «Киркоров забрал песню, которую я написал для Пугачевой» One of the most popular composers of the Russian show business, who wrote a huge number of hits for the artists of the first echelon, told the “StarHit” about the first meeting with Alla Pugacheva and admitted that combines it with Anastasia Stotskaya.
Алексей Малахов: «Киркоров забрал песню, которую я написал для Пугачевой»

Alexey Malakhov is one of the most vostrebovannyh Russian composers. He is addressed by many pop stars. “StarHit” talked with the namesake of our chief editor and learned how he met the band and about the creative plans for the future.

Thank You, Philip!

“For all the necessary acquaintances with the artists I am grateful to Philip Kirkorov. It was he who introduced me to their circle. Of all the guards I knew Philip, now I do not remember how we met. But he was the first who started to arrange my songs in his show “I” sounds like six or seven pieces. By the way, after the premiere of the show Kirkorov introduced me to Alla Pugacheva. After a stunning debut by a narrow circle we went to a private party, a gathering of twenty people, not more. Guests sat at the table, ate, drank, talked – it was fun and noisy. Suddenly, at one point in our company, all was quiet – there was stunned silence. On the threshold of the restaurant there Joe. I was completely shocked and confused by her energy. I saw her only on the TV screen, and there, in the frame, it is quite different than in life. Alla is a strong-willed, competent woman when she speaks, everyone is silent.

It took an hour and a half and Phillip decided to get some fresh air. This decision was made and a diva. “Oh! Let me finally then meet her”, – said Kirkorov. Honestly, I got scared and tried to slip out, but failed. Fit. “Alla, I want you to meet Alexey Malakhov. He has created for me more than 80 songs.” “Ah, so you are, – said Alla. – I heard about you. Ukraine is really rich in talent”. We talked, I shook her hand and returned to the restaurant.
Алексей Малахов: «Киркоров забрал песню, которую я написал для Пугачевой»

Now we communicate via WhatsApp and talk on the phone periodically. Recently there was a case – gaining me a Alla and begins to hum the melody. They say, need to write lyrics. I stopped her and asked to duplicate the same recording. I immediately understood, and after a few minutes the entry was in our correspondence.

First come, first serve

Often it happens that I write the text to a single artist, and takes another. For example, speaking of Pugacheva. Now her repertoire includes three of my songs, the fourth she had just dictated. But the result is not satisfied. “Well, I’m tired of singing about myself. All of this autobiographical story was boring”, she said. I understood her, and immediately tried to rectify the situation. New song, by the way, nobody heard. Premiere to be held in the near future. So, the previous version I sent to Philip, that he gave his assessment. As a result, the singer took it himself.

One such story happened with Angelica. When my wife was resting on Sejshelah, I called Angelica and asked me to help. In her e-mail was sent work. She chose four pieces exactly, but about a fifth said think. The process of area was delayed and eventually the song took Kolya Baskov. Wrote about the incident Agurbash, and she is a little offended. But we made up.

Алексей Малахов: «Киркоров забрал песню, которую я написал для Пугачевой»

Nicholas, Nicholas, Nick

With Baskov first encounter happened on the phone. He called me when I was in Thailand. For the winter with his wife traditionally fly away to warmer climes, like rooks. So, the bell rings, pick up the phone and hear the familiar voice: “Alex, Hello! Know? It’s Burt Reynolds”. Naturally, I was surprised, but he hastened to calm me down, explaining that the room gave to a man. After listening to the wishes of Nicholas, writing his e-mails, sent texts. He quickly took fourteen pieces and was very pleased. Live we met when I was still living in Kiev. The Basques came on tour and at the same time we decided to meet, sign the contract.

I love Kohl – man-holiday, with fine mental organization and the same fine sense of humor. His latest joke is my favorite gem is video of him with Nonna Grishaeva involved in recording a show. The Director asks to make the brace, brace, nick fails and starts to swear. Kindly, without malice. And it’s so funny to listen to – excellent uplifting. When watched the first time, could not hold back tears of laughter. Later I read the comments and, of course, people’s opinions divided – somebody condemns and supports someone, knowing that it was a joke. We’re all human and things happen.

Don’t ask about the namesake

I was constantly confused with Andrey Malakhov! It’s true. In my childhood I even was offended when I was asked or compared. I remember coming with my mom to the clinic, the doctor asks the name. Answer – Malakhov. “Ah! A lot of Laundry!” – the woman exclaimed, and began to laugh loud and long. It’s always – it was all fun from this joke. All except for me. I was just thinking – why did I what? Because of these situations at one time wanted to change the name. Now, of course, I’m glad I was smart enough not to do that and now name proud.

With Andrew we met not so long ago. After the premiere of the show Kolya Baskov “the Game”, by the way. I come and say, ” Hey! Here and met the namesake”. “Well, finally! And I only hear it in the Stars, in my program, everywhere you mention! And after all ask me no relation or a brother?”

Алексей Малахов: «Киркоров забрал песню, которую я написал для Пугачевой»

Looking for talents

I am currently preparing a new Project, something like “factory of stars”. I wrote a lot of people, so many that I had to get a whole team of organizers. Even when those interested in somewhere to get my personal number, throw a message, I redirect them to the website – write administrator. The idea came quite spontaneously. We sat with a student of Elena Obraztsova, Olesya Lagutina and cute talked over a Cup of tea. Suddenly she says: “Lesh, you have such a great experience working with the artists! You do so many songs written. Let’s create our own vocal competition – let people come and show their talent.” Now such competitions are certainly enough, but there are various freaks, sorry for the harshness. I do not want – do not want to make fun of people. Disappointing and embarrassing for the organization. We will have none.

Алексей Малахов: «Киркоров забрал песню, которую я написал для Пугачевой»

We want to create a simple competition, which in the end will be a Grand finale. At first I wanted to spend it in Ostankino hall, but I went to watch it and realized that it is too small. So now to resolve this issue. I know for sure that stream of the competition will go on the channel Russian MUSICBOX in the evening Prime time. But on weekdays or the weekend is not yet decided.

The Grand prize one winner, as the main prize, he will get $ 10,000. Then there will be two first prizes, two second and two third. But the star of the jury is already defined! It included Sergei Zverev, Diana Gurtskaya, Prokhor Shalyapin, Elena Maximova, Anastasia and Anastasia Stotskaya, the singer Sogdiana, and Angelica. With Stotsky, by the way, we’ve been friends since time immemorial. I was one of the first people she told about the birth of her second child. Just so happened that a year ago, my wife was born the daughter. Masha was our first child, and as Anastasia I talk for a long time, I often called her and asked for advice. Let me tell you another secret – I always prayed to God about her daughter. Friends and acquaintances often asked the question: “Alex, how so? And if it’s a boy?” Answered that with my son, of course I’ll live, but I want a girl. My prayers were answered, and we now have growing up a wonderful little girl.”