Alexey Makarov was the guardian

Алексей Макаров стал опекуном
The actor performs a responsible job daughter.

Photo: Instagram

Alexey Makarov was looking after the cat of his daughter, 7-year-old Barbara is resting together with her mother in Cyprus.

“Before you go to the sea, my daughter came by to visit me along with my mother Victoria, — said Alexey in his personal blog. — Take, say, this. We have a warm region, the lack of staff and no one Pusic “fold” so that he has the minimum stress was. I say: are you sure? Suddenly he gray will be in a week? Or I will start to stutter? As he spoke, they had already left, not waiting to hear. Pusic left. Won youth, beauty, and a brazen red face…”

The relationship between the two brutal men lined up for three days, and, judging by the photos, finally, the man and the cat are getting along.

#cardizemside? ?

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As for the doubts of Alex is that he can not cope with the temporary custody of Pusic, his daughter and his ex common-law spouse know that Alex just loves animals. Know it, and his fans, because his Instagram, which he leads himself without any assistants, and then there are pictures with animals. The Makarov kisses a young goat Yulia, hugging her older friend Casabo, then looks into the eyes of the horse, then gently presses to the heart of the black pig… Animals are known excellent feel, as it relates to people and generally respond to such people in return. So Varvara Alexeevna (so Makarov he often calls his daughter) and actress Victoria Bohatyryova (aka — mom Vika) left her cat in the most reliable hands!

Blatant tenderness climbed out of the bushes and demanded drying with poppy or out. Or will pour contempt and stop noticing. Melt your heart, the trembling grew, dryers are not shared the rich, was misunderstood, but graciously allowed. She smells of summer and unfulfilled hopes.. Her name is Julie. #geophone #animalresource #esteco #ellinida #pozaluista #bogaccio

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