Алексей Лысенков нашел новую любовь после развода The TV host managed to achieve personal happiness. Environment men argues that a number of chosen he literally blossomed. Lovers are already acquainted with each other children from a previous relationship and had to go on a trip.

      Алексей Лысенков нашел новую любовь после развода

      The leader of the program “to Itself the Director” two years ago parted with his wife and enjoyed his bachelor life. However, this winter, the 51-year-old Alex, being in the company of friends, met a gorgeous blonde Olga, who instantly won the heart of TV presenter.

      “Olya is the case when at the woman a combination of intelligence and beauty,” says a friend of the pair, Ella. – She has some education in psychology, and even an MBA! It can listen for hours, here Alex and fell on the ears. After a couple of months, they traveled together to relax, both love the journey. And shortly introduced each other: he with daughter Anastasia and son Kolya, and she did – with his son Vanya.”

      Relatives of Alexey and Olga quickly became friends, and in the spring they went together to the sea in Jurmala, and just two weeks ago he was in his beloved Montenegro, where we rode the boat and swam and fished.

      “Olga is an important part of his life that it seems like they’ve been together for ten years! continues the friend. – They are, as they say, like the same things: hockey went on Lovcen mountain climbed, in quest with the sons played…”

      The woman helped Lysenkova not only to achieve personal happiness, but also to recover from the injury he suffered on the slopes in Austria in December last year while skiing, then bumped into him inattentive tourist.

      “Olga’s arm went with him to the clinic, were not allowed to miss any treatments,” said Ella. And now, he rides like a boy. He is eager to get on the rollers or, as his passion, to ride a horse. But it is too early”.

      It should be noted that a year ago in an interview with “StarHit” Alex didn’t deny that people can get married for the fourth time and in addition don’t mind becoming a father again, “Why not? If I fell in love! Only future beloved will have to pass face control ex-wives. Will call them when the meeting will show a photo of a successor…”

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