Alexey Kortnev stopped the repair because of lack of money

Алексей Кортнев остановил ремонт из-за нехватки денег The actor recently bought an apartment in Khimki. Now each of the three children born from the marriage kortneva with Amina Zaripova, has his own room. The leader of group “Accident” like the infrastructure of the area, as well as nature.
Алексей Кортнев остановил ремонт из-за нехватки денег

Recently the singer and television personality with his family moved to a spacious apartment in new building in Khimki. Apartment on the fourth floor of LCD “Olympic village Novogorsk” the leader of group “Accident” was chosen primarily because of their location.

“Here, nearby, is my “School three arts” – vocal, dance and dramatic craft, – said Alexey “StarHit”. – Here my wife works in the training Center of Olympic reserve. Also two steps from the house there is a training base for Golf, where he does Arseny. All come together… in General, this area is surprisingly cosy – a lot of schools and entertainment centers for children. Plus there are ecologically clean area – the river, Park. People go fishing, boating – beauty”.
Алексей Кортнев остановил ремонт из-за нехватки денег

By moving now each of the three children Kortnev and Zaripova has his own room.

“We had to buy a bigger apartment to have everything fit, – says Alexei. – In addition, Aksinya looked after by the nanny – she also needs a bedroom. The interior design was engaged to family friend and very good designer Inna Moskvicheva, the wife of actor Anatoly Bely. Thanks to her, the decor is nice, modern decor. All the manipulation is almost over, but not enough furniture in the dressing room and the wardrobes in the children’s – at some point we with Amina had to stop because the money ran out. Make some soon and will finish it to the end”.

Alex is very fond of children, so never try to punish them. In his opinion, children are in no way spoiled.

Алексей Кортнев остановил ремонт из-за нехватки денег“Yelling at them is not necessary. To deprive of something sweet or watching cartoons – also makes no sense. When the child has all he wants, it doesn’t work. Well, he won’t eat that candy now, so will get It later… in an insolvent families this might work, where a sweet for children – holiday. We have in house is one way of education – resentment. If my wife insulted by the behavior of some of the guys talking cold is the biggest punishment for any of them. Most children get for a lie – they are of the reprimand not be avoided,” – said Courtney “StarHit”.