Alexey Kortnev satisfied loud argument with his wife

Алексей Кортнев устраивает громкие ссоры с женой Musician and actor told about family quarrels with wife Amina Zaripova. In recognition of Alexei kortneva, and sometimes it happen quarrel with a loved one At such moments, each spouse is able to fire up and raise another voice.
Алексей Кортнев устраивает громкие ссоры с женой

Alexey Kortnev, who recently turned 51, has talked with journalists about the crises of the age and relations with his wife, the celebrated gymnast Amina Zaripova. The couple have been happily married for over 14 years.

The actor admitted that sometimes conflicts with the beloved, often it comes to speaking in a raised voice and expletives. However, the couple never obtained a long time to resent each other. After some time Kortnev and Zaripova put up.

“My wife is a sportswoman, and she is very strong willed character. Of course, we happen to omissions or quarrel. While we love to shout, to swear. But usually after 15 minutes put up. From Amina – the supporters of diplomatic negotiations”, – said the musician.

Have kortneva Zaripova and three children – 13-year-old Arseniy, 11-year-old Athanasius, and 7-year-old Aksiniya. Alex – the father of many children. He also has an adult heirs: Artemy, from his marriage to Irina Bogushevskaya, and Nikita, whose mother is actress Elena Lanskaya. According to the musician, with the advent of children, the marriage becomes stronger. The artist does not exclude that can again become a father. Darling men are not against another baby.

“If circumstances permit, health and family income, then why not have a baby. Moreover, I think that is the perfect when a family grows a small child. It is an incentive to live. We Amina I hope that we will be able to accomplish,” says the artist.

According to kortneva, his children managed to make friends. The heirs of the artist from different marriages communicate perfectly among themselves and meet regularly at family gatherings. “We love to ski, play Golf,” he said.

While none of the children of the artist never continued his father’s work. The exception was the son of Elena Lanskaya Nikita. The young man studied at the theater College of Oleg Tabakova and was considered a promising actor. Some have even tipped him admission to the School-Studio of MKHAT. However, Nikita decided to choose a different profession and became a student of the Institute of radio engineering, electronics and automation.

During the conversation with journalists Kortnev told that raising children with resentment. “If my wife, shall we say, offended by the behavior of some of the guys and the cold we do, it is the biggest punishment for any of them”, – quotes the man