Alexey Kortnev has told about the scandals with his wife

Алексей Кортнев рассказал о скандалах с женой
Recently 51-year-old actor and singer Alexey Kortnev gave a Frank interview and answered the questions of journalists.

Алексей Кортнев рассказал о скандалах с женой

During the meeting, the conversation turned to the subject of relations with his wife, gymnast Amina Zaripova with which Alex schastliv married for 14 years. According to men, their families fight, but they quickly reconciled.

“My wife is a sportswoman, and she is very strong willed character. Of course, we happen to omissions or quarrel. While we love to shout, to swear. But usually after 15 minutes put up. From Amina – the supporters of diplomatic negotiations,” said Courtney.

Recall that the couple have three children grow up, Arseny, Athanasius and Aksiniya. Also Alexei has two children from a previous choice.

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