Алексей Кортнев стал новым ведущим шоу «Устами младенца»
Legendary show 90-ies returned to the screens.

Алексей Кортнев стал новым ведущим шоу «Устами младенца»

Alexey Kortnev

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Alexey Kortnev became the leading program “in the Mouth
baby” — a show that was insanely popular in the 90-ies. In the new season of NTV
quite funny, in which small children trying to explain to dull
adult words, will return to TV screens. Alex has become a leading entertainment shows for a reason. He is running on NTV another program “Saltykov-Shchedrin-show”, caused a wide public resonance.

The first shooting of the program is already recorded. They
participated singer Gabriella with her husband and Natalia Lesnikovskaya with a star
the series “Sweet life” Nicholas Concu.

“When I was little — shared with 7days.ru Lesnikovskaya, —
I always watched this program and laughed to colic. Very glad that the show
he returned to the air. Moreover, with such leading! I always loved Alexei kortneva –
slim, smart, intelligent. On the set I dismantled the excitement, I completely
immersed in the game. Surprised me and the ending. In the supergame adult with gestures
had to explain to the children the word, and those to guess. Of course, children and adult
the worlds are completely different, so explaining it was difficult and interesting.”

By the way, the idea of the supergame will be chip
updated version of the show. Old was nothing like this.

We will remind, the program “Mouths of Babes”
went to the 1992 and 1996 with leading Alexander Gurevich.
She later moved on to NTV, and then on the Disney channel where a TV presenter was Maxim Vitorgan.

Natalia Lesnikovskaya and Nicholas Concu

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