Алексей Гуськов и Лидия Вележева стали дедушкой и бабушкой The son of actors receiving congratulations on the birth of a child. Alexey Guskov and Lidia, Velieva happy that was born the heir to an acting dynasty.

      Алексей Гуськов и Лидия Вележева стали дедушкой и бабушкой

      In the life of Alexei Guskov and Lidia Believei has been a pleasant change. Acting couple now bears the title of grandparents. The eldest son of the spouses Vladimir first became a father. Was born his daughter, who was named Stephanie. By the way, this name comes from ancient Greece and means “ring”, “crown”, “crown”. It is believed that women are so called, have an analytical mind, with a home and family.

      Colleagues from the Mayakovsky theater, in which working young actor who first congratulated his friend. “Spring happy wonderful events. Happy to share with you the good news: on March 18 of our theater artist Vladimir Guskov had a daughter Stephanie. We congratulate new parents!” – written in an official statement.

      It is worth noting that Andrei Jr. also has some experience in the movie. He starred in several films, including working on one set from the father. For example, Vladimir and Alex played in the movie “Autumn care” and the series “Marked”.

      It is not excluded that the granddaughter Guskov and Believei Stephanie also wants to follow in the footsteps of their relatives when they grow up. Until then, happy grandmother tries not to talk about it, so as not to jinx it. “It’s a very exciting event in our lives. But until not baptise the child, nothing on our girl won’t tell. I can only say that I am very happy. My first granddaughter. Alexey Gennadyevich there are older Lisa from Natalia’s daughter from her first marriage. And now our Stefania” – shared with the “Komsomolskaya Pravda” 49-year-old actress and a young grandmother of Lydia Velezheva.

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