Алексей Гоман так и не смог найти любовь после развода Even on Dating sites he was interested. Parting with Maria Zaitseva affected the mental state of the artist, after which he failed to build a new family. Alexey Goman not ready for a serious relationship.

      After appearing on the screens of the musical contest “people’s artist” 13 years ago, Alexey Goman become a real star. Since then, the singer has almost disappeared from view of the General public. The contractor is not chasing fame, but he continues to write songs and be creative.

      Personal life Alexei shrouded in mystery. It turns out that after her divorce from a member of “people’s artist” Maria Zaitseva, Goman was trying to build a relationship with a new girl. However, in the end, Alex was not able to determine the feelings.

      “After breaking up with Mary two years I dated a girl, and this relationship was in the best traditions of the novel: fall in love, lose control, become very dependent on partner emotionally. And we parted with her when we still had feelings for each other. Just had to make a decision: we’re going on together or not. A woman always wants to know if she has a future with you. I such a promise could not give”, – Alexey admits.

      When fans saw the questionnaire Homan on the popular Dating site, they were simply stunned. However, none of the girls failed to move with the artist on virtual flirting.

      “At some point, I climbed on all the Dating sites: “Mamba”, “Tinder”, what else is there… And in all that time never went out. Write to me, put huskies and superlite, and I do not understand why checked. Probably just at some point, I wanted easy sex, and I decided to look for. Found nothing and scored on it,” says the artist.

      Recall that for eleven years spouse of Alexey Goman and Maria Zaitseva looked like the perfect family, they had a daughter Alexandrina, soon to be four years. But life has developed so that artists dispersed.

      Alexey Goman explained why divorced

      “One day we just talked. She said, “you Know, I can live without you”. I replied, “And I have to fight. That’s what happened. I have left her a great respect and love for a loved one, we are family: 11 years, says Goman in an interview, “Peopletalk”. – It was a shame, of course. I now very often see. Here today I will go to visit.”

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