Алексей Глызин признался, что они с другом чуть не убили школьника The musician was a guest of the program “My hero” with Tatyana Ustinova. The actor told a leading about how I almost ruined my future school fight turns into a tragedy. Also the singer has told, why in the late 80s I went to America.

Alexei Glyzin shared the story about how in 5th grade I defended the girl. For sorting out the bullies future star was armed with a knife. After the fight Glyzin and his friend got into the children’s room of militia.

“The stabbing happened Is in the 5th grade was. We have a girl student, Tania Vorobyov, I wanted to protect her. Went to deal with his friend Dima, took a knife from the house. In that fight he stabbed one… a Few inches left to the heart… we had a drive in the children’s room of militia, I was expelled from the pioneers. I cried for a long time,” admitted Glyzin.

After the incident, the musician was transferred to a boarding school. However, in 8th grade, Alexei took the pioneers. As admitted Glyzin, after problems with the law, he became an exemplary student.

The artist graduated from music school, piano class. After finishing eight classes of secondary school, singer at the advice of my mother went to three three years radioapparatury College. The woman wanted to have a son was the usual, “earthly” profession. “I studied when I wanted to. I was more taken by the music, I pictured unimaginable scenes were like playing on stage the first concert,” shared the singer.

Shortly before finishing it, the musician left school and started playing in the Mytishchi ensemble. Then Alex entered the pop-brass faculty of the Institute of culture. Soon the musician was drafted into the army. As admitted Glyzin, he really wanted to serve. There, he became Junior aviation specialist, and then moved in the musical platoon, where he performed military songs dedicated to the brave pilots.

After the army, Alex worked in VIA “Good fellows”. And in 1977 played in the “Samotsvety”, and then toured as part of VIA “Rhythm” with the Diva. The greatest success of the artist brought the ensemble “Jolly fellows”, in which it gained popularity throughout the Soviet Union. Glyzin fondly recalls working in the team.

In spite of the demand, in the late 80s, Alex leaves the USSR and flies in the United States.

“At some time, all once fed up. Began the era of “Tender may”, the era of soundtracks, some substitution. All now gone, I decided to relax a little. It was an experience for me. I met a lot of musicians in Los Angeles”, – said the singer.