Alexey Chumakov showed newborn daughter

Алексей Чумаков показал новорожденную дочку
The singer has unveiled a photo from the hospital.

Alexey Chumakov with my daughter

Photo: @alexchumakoff Instagram Alexey Chumakov

The birth of a daughter has greatly changed the perception of Alexey Chumakov of the world. This is due to the fact that the actor was personally present at the birth of the baby. Shortly before the birth of Yulia Kovalchuk, he was a little hesitant in making this decision, but later admitted if missed this great event — would be greatly spared.

“Have I seen God? Yes of course. Birth. Does anyone, besides Him, gave you a more substantial proof?” — ask the question Chumakov. With this revelation he showed a photo of a newborn baby, made in the hospital. In the picture it is not possible to consider the appearance of the girls, however, touching the frame still attracted the attention of his fans.

“I congratulate you on the birth of the Princess, the birth of a daughter is the best thing that can be, happy and healthy baby”, “Let the child grow healthy , to the delight of mom and dad”, “the birth of a child, all values in life are changing, and it makes sense”, “What a sight! And those hands. Strong! Full of tenderness and awe!” — write to Alex subscribers. By the way, Alex has solved the mystery on who is like his little girl. According to the artist, she is growing into a real beauty and is still very similar to the Pope.