Alexey Chumakov saves family, secluded in the bathroom

Алексей Чумаков спасает семью, уединяясь в ванной The singer and the writer spoke about how to maintain idyll in marriage. In recognition of Alexey Chumakov, his wife Yulia Kovalchuk a very different character, it is by nature an extrovert. However, the couple learned how to get along well with each other.

Singer and writer Alexey Chumakov for several years, happily married to Julia, Kotelchuck. From the marriage of celebrities seems perfect. Fans of the artists I admire the idyll that reigns in their relationship.

Recently Alex has released a new book, called “47”. After the long-awaited mystical-fiction novel, the star gave an interview in which he talked about how to maintain harmony in marriage. In recognition of the figure of show business, he and his wife have different personalities, but this does not prevent the spouses to get along well with each other. Like all people, Chumakova sometimes need to be alone and to reflect on a particular topic.

“Julia is more extroverted, but we have learned to live happily with each other. Sometimes I go to the bathroom, closed and lie on the floor with Underfloor heating and can be switched off for 20 minutes. If you do it in the bedroom, Julia could approach and ask: “What happened, are you OK?” And the bathroom is comfortable, the subspace where no one can accidentally look. While Julia European nature man, and I – East. Guest visits for me norm,” said Alexei.

According to Chumakov, his house is almost not a day without guests. The artist constantly coming friends. Despite this, Alex manages to find time to be alone with his thoughts. Friends celebrities unconcerned about his desire to remain in silence. “I could disappear in my room for two hours, and all my friends know – if it happened, no need to find me and ask, “What happened?” – told the man.

In addition, Alexey Chumakov shared his views on the relations between people in love. According to the figure of show-business, marriage to the right woman. “The most important thing for women in the male – absolute confidence in it,” was written in one of the books Chumakov. “Not in the sense that it can change, and that will not betray and will be next,” explained the singer and writer in an interview with the magazine TopBeauty.

We will remind that Alexey Chumakov and Julia Kovalchuk legalized relations in October 2013. First, the lovers got married in Moscow, and then staged a celebration abroad. Chamber the ceremony was held in an old mansion, located in Spain. It was attended by only relatives of the couple – just twelve people.