Алексей Чумаков готов ради семьи на все
Yesterday, 12 March, the popular singer Alexey Chumakov noted the day of birth, he was 37 years old.

Алексей Чумаков готов ради семьи на все

In honor of this event, Alex was left on his personal page on the social network meaningful post, in which he spoke about his character.

Алексей Чумаков готов ради семьи на все

“I hate injustice and do not try to be loved by everyone. Therefore, can send, being very principled. I know how to love and forgive the most unforgivable things. I feel more than many can imagine. I am sullen and grumpy. I’m lazy when I’m not interested, but I will turn the mountains, if inspired. I am very hurt if I am wrong and have done wrong to another person, but I coolly destroy anyone who violates the safety of my family. I infinitely love their students and are willing to look into the eyes of each of you and hug each of you,” wrote Chumakov.

Recall that Alex is happily married with Yulia Kovalchuk, and from them grows a lovely daughter that was born last year.

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