Алексей Чумаков пытается сохранить идиллию в семье
Famous singer Alexey Chumakov a few years ago, formalized marriage to singer Julia Kovalchuk.

Алексей Чумаков пытается сохранить идиллию в семье

Fans surprised the idyll, which is present in relations of spouses.

The other day Alex had a discussion with the journalists and announced that he and Julia have radically different characters.

Sometimes he just needed to be alone.

“Julia is more extroverted, but we have learned to live happily with each other. Sometimes I go to the bathroom, closed and lie on the floor with Underfloor heating and can be switched off for 20 minutes. If you do it in the bedroom, Julia could approach and ask: “What happened, are you OK?” And the bathroom is comfortable, the subspace where no one can accidentally look. While Julia European nature man, and I – East. Visits of the guests to me the norm,” said Chumakov.

According to Alexey, they often take guests, so the thought alone turns out not often.

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