Alexey Chumakov has congratulated wife on the anniversary

Алексей Чумаков не поздравил жену с годовщиной In his microblog singer decided to share with the subscribers touching the husband and congratulated him on his third anniversary of living together. The message of the girls touched the members and found a positive response. Alexey Chumakov did not send anything to post in response, as it managed to appeal to a favorite person.

      On his page on “Instagrame” Julia Kovalchuk published a picture from the wedding with Alexey Chumakov. She therefore decided to remind about an important date in their married life. Three years have passed since that moment as the star couple have officially declared themselves a legitimate husband and wife. For many fans of the artists, this event has become nothing less than iconic.

      “Stay by my side forever, my love,” wrote Julia.

      The singer decided not to write a long post, dedicating an important date just a few words. However, the subscribers were and that’s enough. They praised the couple by recognizing it as one of the most strong and sincere unions on the national stage. Some put young people in the example that follows to take with them to other Russian celebrities.

      A short address to wife touched by followers, and they decided also to congratulate Yulia and Alexei, with the third anniversary of the date of marriage. Some commentators still disappointed by the fact that Chumakov did not marked this event in your own microblog. Unlike his wife he does not share family shots so often. Some users felt that, probably, the singer has forgotten a significant date, but others remained of the opinion that the artist managed to do it live.

      Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov preparing for another wedding

      “Happy anniversary, Julie! I wish you mutual understanding and prosperity to your wonderful family!”, “I wish every day to see each other so sincerely, so tenderly and with the same feeling of love as the wedding day!”, “You are so harmonious. You are the most beautiful,kind couple. I’d like all of You had good. You are wonderful.I love to look at You!” – shared joy subscribers.

      Recall that young people got married secretly in Spain. It was there that they bought a house where they wanted to start a family life. After three years of close friends and admirers, including, I hope, that soon in the family of artists is the addition, and Julia will finally give Alex the future heir.