Алексей Чумаков и Юлия Ковальчук занялись парной йогой

The singer admitted that she and her husband decided to take a spiritual practice.

In recent time, the famous wife do everything together: acting, singing, doing yoga. For the last couple came not very long ago. During a holiday in the Maldives lovers decided to try to relax in yoga class… and got carried away.

Julia was surprised how good Alexei is impossible to perform all these difficult exercises. This is despite the fact that he is rather tall and large man. It would seem that his petite wife was to surpass him, but no!

“I was just in shock from the skill of her husband. When we went to the first lesson, I was sure that now show the class, and eventually looked at Alexis, which is three times larger and bigger than me and was jealous of his abilities,” admitted Julia Kovalchuk Woman’s Day.

However, after the first lesson of yoga in the Maldives Julia and Alex decided to continue the practice in Moscow. According to the singer, yoga she and her husband decided not to keep in shape, and a spiritual component. The actress has already started to study the special literature and find a good coach.

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