Алексей Чадов: «Сын думает, что мама с папой просто много работают» In the spring on channel STS starts a new show “the Allies” in which ex-husbands and wives will be together for the children and compete for a prize for their baby – 10 million rubles. As the host of the program was the ex-wife of Alexei Chadov and Agniya Ditkovskite.
Алексей Чадов: «Сын думает, что мама с папой просто много работают»

On the occasion of the presentation of the project actors openly shared details of their own separation and the education of his son Fyodor out of wedlock.

The new program is the franchise show, which several years ago showed in Denmark and Colombia. According to the rules of the project of divorced couples undergo different tests. The winners will receive a large cash prize, which is transferred to the account of their child. Means you can use upon reaching the age of majority.

Shooting the Russian version of gone in Sri Lanka. A month and a half until star presenters worked on the island, there was a three-year-old son of the now ex-couple separated.

“He still every day says he wants to Sri Lanka – said Agnes. The hotel we lived in was his entire world. Today a peacock, tomorrow a monkey, then shell…”
Алексей Чадов: «Сын думает, что мама с папой просто много работают»

“Son spent a month and a half at sea, – said Alexey. – This is another reason why I agreed to participate in this reality show. And, of course, we agniey ourselves are “allies” and can share the experience. At some period of life, too, was in a difficult situation and have come a long way from the mad happiness and marriage to divorce. This is especially hard when there are a child.”

According to Chadova and Ditkovskite, need to maintain friendly relations for the sake of the children. The former wife admitted that go together to relax, than cause considerable surprise among others.

“In the show “the Allies” were the participants with the experience of 20-year marriage behind him, – said Alexei. – After filming, I personally made sure that ex-wives do not exist. They are almost like relatives. With Agnia our marriage was based on love, and it must be remembered. When you become a friend of the ex-wife, find inner harmony and become happy.”

The question of how the actors explained to Frank why not together, they replied that the son is too small. “This conversation we have – admitted Chadov. – Fede need to grow up. And while we have built relationships that he had no feeling that we are separate. He thinks mom and dad are just a lot of work. Now in the play one play. We’ll take the Teddy on tour. And when you become older, all the wiser. It makes no sense to hide something, to lie. Moreover, he is a thin guy, feels the mood instantly. One day I got angry and strongly slammed the door, and he wept…”

Ditkovskite remembered that when she was 15 years old, her parents divorced, too. In adolescence, the future star had a hard time parting moms and dads. “I was a difficult child,’ said the actress. – Could stand between her father and his new lady and all kind of show disapproval”.

“I drove the men, however, I was 13 when her parents separated, – said Chadov. – In General, I advise everyone to think carefully before you divorce”.