Alexey Chadov and Agniya Ditkovskite reunited for the sake of work

Алексей Чадов и Агния Дитковските воссоединились ради работы The former spouses play in the theatrical production of “the Stranger”. They had to portray lovers. Apparently, all the wrongs in the past, so now Chadov and Ditkovskite not abandon joint projects.

Alexey Chadov and Agniya Ditkovskite parted ways about two years ago, but over a long period of time could not get a divorce. Only this summer the court officially annulled the marriage of stars. However, the former spouses were able to maintain friendly relations. The ex-lovers teenage son Fyodor, with whom mom and dad try to spend a lot of time.

This season Alex and Agnes play in one production. They got the role of a boy and a girl, who suddenly realize that fell in love with each other. The artist was not against working with the former beloved.

“When the producer chose me a partner, think about Agnes. Suggested to her, she agreed. She had time, and it worked. It is easy to operate. I was surprised by the questions: “are you together?” Well, what if we split up. It is to this day my friend and family. I comfortable with it. We don’t live in the past and don’t keep each other evil. We are respectful,” said Chadov.

After Alex shared the frame with Agnia made during the release of artists on the bow, its members began to actively discuss their relationship.

“Agnes is gorgeous, but life is so insidious, and so to be together – just not in the cards”, “Alex and Agnes, how could you leave, this love between you was very beautiful”, “Fine, that has maintained a good relationship with Agnia. Fedor will be easier. Alex good!” – wrote the social network users.

The actor himself believes that someday you meet the one. Information about fans Agnes often appears in the media, however, the young woman did not confirm these data. “Our time there is no place for a real relationship, – said the actor. Modern love does not pass even two or three stages. This is a big omission, in my opinion. Great love is now a large deficit. And I want exactly this”, – said Chadov in an interview with “”.

Some time ago, fans of the actor suspected that he went on vacation with his ex-wife and son Fedor. The stars shared frames in social networks, where you could see a similar landscape. Agniyu Ditkovskite and Alexei Chadova suspected of reunification