Алексей Ягудин загремел в больницу The skater and his wife Tatyana to pursue Totmjanina health problems. Alexei Yagudin was published in Instagram shocking footage of the medical facilities. Athlete and TV presenter told fans that week for him and his wife Tatyana Totmjanina began with a series of examinations and operations.
Алексей Ягудин загремел в больницу

Health problems have a famous pair of Alexei Yagudin and Tatiana Totmjanina happen often. At the end of last year, the figure skater, for example, was in the hospital with a leg injury, the doctors put the athlete gypsum and banned her from exercise. Before this, Olympic champion skated in the ice Ilya Averbukh’s ideas, but the final performances of last year passed without its participation. During the next rental Tatiana fell awkwardly and hurt his leg – so much so that I had to lie on the operating table. Doctors gave the athlete a few operations. At the end of February Totmianina returned to the ice. But the leg the rest is healed.

Today Yagudin showed the fans the consequences of the injury of the wife, and shared his picture. Have a skater on the face of the white bandage, which fixes the nose. All the pictures he made in the ward of the hospital.

“This week we met Tatiana in the family, among friends and family. THEN the official passed. Updates are downloaded. Ready to work. PS And how did you start your week?” asked skater to Network users.

Alexei and Tatiana support each other in everything. Yagudin has repeatedly said that injuries and sports go virtually side by side. So he and his wife used to adapt quickly to the conditions of the trouble. Tatiana Totmianina comes after the next operation

“I’m an unrealistic optimist, so I think that life gave her time to just relax! Thank you Yana Khokhlova for that night learned the whole show and saved the situation! Thank you all for words of support. It is now a favorite for the surgery, but I’m sure everything will be fine, in fact differently and cannot be. Operiruya, get well soon and come back to ice the best team” – these words Yagudin encouraged to Totmjanina last year.