Алексей Ягудин перенес операцию на голове
Little girl skater is worried about his father.

Alexei Yagudin

Photo: @alexei.yagudin Instagram

Alexei Yagudin was again in the operating room. That skater had surgery on his head became known yesterday late in the evening. The athlete showed a photo taken in the hospital and commented on the incident.

The entire family of Alexei she was distressed for him: his wife — Tatiana Totmianina and two daughters waiting for him back home. More than any other is missing her daddy a little Michelle. Yagudin said that two-year baby suffered from the fact that he’s not around. “Where’s dad? And he on THE next MOT (maintenance — approx. ed.). Mileage is already great, and ahead of a lot of things! To still cut?! Good health to all!” wished Yagudin friends and fans.

Details of the incident, the Olympic champion decided not to disclose. And most recently, in early April, Alex moved one more operation — on the face. The athlete then left the incident without comment.

But about the operation of his wife — Tatiana Yagudin told in detail. After the injury suffered in winter during a speech, Totmianina few months was engaged in the restoration of health. In total Totmyanina had to go under the surgeon’s knife four times! A fracture of the right foot of a skater, the doctors called difficult. Fortunately, perseverance and hard work of Tatiana, which is a week after the surgery was on the ice, helped to overcome the worst period in my life.