Alexei Yagudin almost lost sight

Алексей Ягудин едва не потерял зрение Skater told about the possible consequences of a terrible disease. According to Alexei Yagudin, from the possible misfortunes of his saved wife. What Tatiana Totmianina made the wife to be examined by a doctor-Laura.
Алексей Ягудин едва не потерял зрение

In early April, Alexei Yagudin showed horrific photos immediately after surgery on the nose. As it turned out, the man found running the sinusitis, and as a result, he needed surgery. In a recent interview skater admitted that the issue almost turned into terrible consequences. According to him, he could easily lose his sight.

“Thank you to everyone who worried, at the moment all is well, the operation in the past. Well, its time to make time, if even a little bit hesitated, then, as the doctors say, and could go blind,” – said Yagudin.

Health problems have long been worried about the skater, but he didn’t have time to go to the doctors. Then Alex participated in the show Ilya Averbuch and could not refuse from the tour. In the end, from complications man saved wife Tatiana Totmianina. She insisted that the athlete immediately underwent a medical examination.

By the way, Tatyana recently underwent another surgery on his leg. After breaking the young woman suffered several surgical interventions. Spouses had to restore health together, more of them closer together.

“Struggled with the problems together: Tanya was the fourth operation and I was recovering from sinusitis. Everything is alright now. Plan to spend may holidays with the children. We love to soak up their energy and emotions. It’s worth it: one daughter eight years old, another two years. Every age children have a special, interesting — I don’t want to miss anything”, – said the athlete.

Despite recently transferred operation, the skater does not intend to abandon the work. He continues to participate in the show Ilya Averbuch, in the future, even plans to open a school of figure skating. According to Alexey, it is important for him not just to give young athletes a start in life, but also to commit that as much time.

In an interview for Yagudin noted that the wife supports him in all endeavors. The star couple, there are certain rules of behavior and upbringing of children. These standards help them to maintain balance in the relationship.