Alexei Yagudin about the new addition to the family, “Another girl!”

Алексей Ягудин о пополнении в семье: «Еще одна девочка!»
Skater shared her happiness with fans.

Alexei Yagudin with daughter Elizabeth and the dogs

Photo: @alexei.Instagram yagudin Alexei Yagudin

Alexei Yagudin said in social networks about the new addition to the family. The skater brought another pet. They became the dog of the Beagle breed. About this event the athlete is solemnly declared in the microblog. Alex commented on the appearance in the house of another animal so that many of his fans first thought: they say, he tells about the birth of a child, and began to congratulate him. But no. Yagudin was simply having a little provocation.

“We have a new baby, another girl in our family! Well, now to run and hide shoes,” he joked skater.

The appearance of the second dog Alex waited with trepidation. The fact that his wife — Tatiana Totmianina is not very profitable animals in the house. So between the spouses some time ago there was a deal if his second child, and second dog. Alex even said to Tatiana in an interview: the second child is already there (two years ago the couple had a daughter, Michelle), and all dogs not…

The first dog — a Yorkshire Terrier named Varia showed up at the house Yagudin, as he himself admits, by mistake. “If approaching a holiday, Tanya sends me a picture of what she would like to have, and thus saves me from the agony of search and selection. And then one day, Tanya wanted one thing, and I bought her a dog. There were tears. But now we have the all clear,” said Alex.