Alexei Vorobyov was intimacy with the participants of the reality show “the Bachelor”

У Алексея Воробьева была интимная близость с участницами реалити-шоу «Холостяк»

A well-known contractor and eligible bachelor Alexey Vorobyov admitted sleeping with members of the TV show “the Bachelor,” which ended on the channel TNT and the main party of which he was. Loving singer did not hide that behaved naturally, as in life, and we heard a lot about his adventures! So during the show, he remained himself, and behaved accordingly.

“I was just in a movie playing, and here I was acting on their behalf. The main condition of participation in the project was complete freedom of action and opportunity to be themselves, and not to represent the appearance of such a bachelor. When I stayed with the girls in private, between us has happened what happens between a man and a woman when they are attracted to each other. In real life, outside the framework of the project it would have been exactly the same” — confidently said Alex.
Assume that mistresses Vorobyov during the show could be Anosov Yana and Alla Berger, of course, none of them has not directly stated this.
About his participation in “the Bachelor” Alex does not regret. The artist is sure that none of the participants felt the real feelings, they are important to defeat each other. Nevertheless, shooting for Alexei was very emotional, and he even now completely for himself.

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