Alexei Vorobyov told about the conflicts behind the scenes of “the Bachelor”

Алексей Воробьев поведал о конфликтах за кадром «Холостяка» The musician and the Director admitted that he argued with the producers and editors of the project. According to Alexei Vorobyov, he played and acted as he saw fit. The actor said that the shooting was all happening for real, and not according to the pre-approved script.

      Алексей Воробьев поведал о конфликтах за кадром «Холостяка»

      Just a few days on TNT will start showing the new season of “the Bachelor,” in which a charming contestants will compete for the heart of a star “Interns” Ilya Glinnikov. In anticipation of the long-awaited premiere, the journalists talked with the Director and musician Alexei Vorobyov previously participated in the filming of the project. The young man, who is now in USA and starred in the TV series “Unreal”, remember that behind the scenes show.

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      According to Vorobyov, the program is no script, so the outcome is hard to predict. Star music sure life turns sharper and more dramatic any blanks, so “the Bachelor” so many loyal fans, with a sinking heart watching new releases.

      “It’s a real reality… Every time starts on the date, as in life, pure improvisation. No one: neither the Bachelor nor the girl nor the people behind the scenes – I don’t know how it will end”, – said the young man.

      Many fans of the popular project remember Alexei Vorobyov as very emotional and even at times capricious party show. The star often didn’t act as was expected of him, and violated the rules of the project. “When you walk into the frame, nothing to stop, change or re-shoot” – explains sparrows. According to the young man, he was serious, because I really wanted to find love on the project.

      “From the first day of shooting I had so many fundamental conflicts with the producers and editors that they are even with all their desire has not been able to influence anything. I immediately firmly stopped the first attempts of manipulation,” commented Alex.

      Recall that the Director and the musician was involved in the filming of the fourth season of the show of channel TNT, which premiered in March of last year. About the reasons why he accepted the offer of the producers, Alex said in his microblog. “For me it was a difficult decision… I’ve never put a priority on anything except work, and that is why you are reading this post. But to change your life, and Wake up in the morning for something else besides their goals, you must first try to change yourself. For me this is a very serious step,” said the artist.

      Despite the fact that Alexei did not offer any of the contestants, he is convinced that the shooting of the project can meet their soul mate. “I think it’s real. Otherwise I wouldn’t have gone there,” – said Vorobyov. However, he would not have agreed to participate in the project, reports