Alexei Vorobyov teaches how to seduce girls

Алексей Воробьев учит соблазнять девушек

Popular singer, musician, actor and conqueror of female hearts Alexey Vorobyov decided to try a new field and become a new. The artist now teaches shy young people to learn, to build friendships and to seduce girls. Videos and tips to ohmureniya female he puts in his Instagram.

Fans of Alex was delighted with his sense of humor and an unconstrained game. It seems that after each video Vorobyev breaks one girl’s heart. Flushed with this success, Alexei Vorobyov said that it was a “School of love”. So he signed a new video in his microblog. In the story, the main character of the movie, played himself a ladies ‘ man, meets a girl. The young lady in a matter of seconds a couple of phrases likable guy. Knotted conversation, sparks fly. At the end of the video Vorobyov said that will teach young people the pickup and seduction in his school of love.
Also, Alex asked everyone now to register for his courses at the pickup. And the artist was named the best pickup artist of Russia.
“Get his personal life in just a couple of sessions with a guru in the world of relationships!”, — “modestly” wrote sparrows.
Alex promised his disciples the open lessons that will teach you how to keep up with every skirt. In the framework of the “School of love” provides courses and for the beautiful half. Girls Vorobyev will teach you how to get married faster than their ugly girlfriends. So student pick-master on the shelf zasiditsya.
The followers of the artist was delighted with his ideas. However, many fear that “School love” is a provocation from Vorobyov and, thus, he was just joking. Alex himself in the debate has not made clear, preferring to remain silent.
However, there were those who criticized the novice wingman. Some members believe that the artist cannot give good advice because of his personal life is not settled.
Recall that last year Alexey Vorobyov participated in the reality show “the Bachelor.” For his disposition was fighting 25 beautiful girls. But none of them conquered the icy heart of the main bachelor. At the end of the show Alex is not presented candidates engagement ring.
Shortly after the shooting sparrows tickled the nerves of fans. In Instagram, he posted a candid story about the affair. Who broke the heart of Alex remained a mystery. But after the experiences on the pages of social networks, the artist released a video for the song “I just want to come.”