Alexei Vorobyov, spoke about the future together with Olga Buzova

Алексей Воробьев заговорил о совместном будущем с Ольгой Бузовой Musician, actor and Director commented on the rumors that circulated in the Network. Some social media users believe that Alexei Vorobyov Olga Buzova seriously involved with each other and prepare for joint work.

Many fans of Olga Buzova noticed that she has signs of attention to Alexey Vorobyov. TV presenter commented on the publication of colleagues in show business in social networks. So, when Vorobiev was on vacation in Dubai, Buzova appreciated a picture of him on the beach. In the picture, which the musician, the actor and the Director shared on social networks, he poses knee-deep in water, showing the public that your perfect torso. Olga joked that Ken uses a special filter, or explain the elegant form of the artist she just couldn’t.

Alexei Vorobyov openly flirting with half-naked brunette. PHOTO

Recently, a young man became the guest of the program “Russian Peppers” on the air which he shed light on his relationship with a famous brunette. Some fans of celebrities believe that they plan surprise collaboration. Others do believe that Olga and Alex will be a wonderful pair. However, as it turned out, the stars yet don’t even think about the novel.

“Friends, I heard about this news and I must say that nothing of the sort in their personal and especially professional life I don’t outline… one Hundred percent”, – said Alexei Vorobyov.

The leading show with humor reacted to the statement of the artist. “If you write “Alexey Vorobyov” in the search engine, then drops the photo of Olga Buzova… Here, look,” said one of them. The artist laughed at the joke DJs. “This is a surprise, of course,” concluded the musician.

Then Alexei asked if he is friends with a TV star. “But you two still talk? Hi, bye…” asked the radio host. “We know” – briefly commented on the musician, without going into details. DJ Tatiana Plotnikova said as it relates to the name of a famous brunettes. “I was on the program where I tried to marry… And I said, “And look how he walks. And hair like you?” – said Vorobyov.

The actor also decided to make a joke about the issues that affect his relationship with the presenter. “I have a feeling that SMM managers Olga Buzova even pay you…” – said the musician.

Add that Olga Buzova has supported Alexey Vorobyov after infidelity girlfriend. The contractor has told fans that bride was extremely rude to him. While Alex starred in an American TV series, she settled in personal life. “Betrayed once, will betray again. It’s people like that. Traitors. So it’s good that you found out,” wrote Olga in the comments to the publication of colleagues in show business.