Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать» 19 Jan actor, Director and musician under the age of 30. On the eve of the anniversary of “StarHit” asked the artist Frank questions and find out about the new girl and tears. According to Alexei Vorobyov, he is in a relationship, but the name of his lady calls.
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»

On 19 January, the singer performed thirty years, but he still has not decided how to celebrate. “I stopped planning events of this kind, – Alexey admits. For example, two hours before the onset of 2018 I stood on stage and didn’t know where the meet the occasion. And at 22:30 remembered the place where my girlfriend and I first kissed, and at 23:00 was already sitting in the restaurant with views of Moscow, looked at the fireworks, and I rushed to the next show. Life brings much more surprises than you could have planned”.

With a girl, say… a wedding Soon?
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»The feeling that you two are friends, and she asked me to ask this question. I like a smart man, perhaps, say nothing or pretend to be dead.—
Why? Don’t want to get married?
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»Just the opposite. But it’s too early to say. I trained for a long time to get a shell once and go with him to the Olympics. Under its flag.—
That is, fans should not lose hope?
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»Now I’m happy in the relationship. In response to even a fancy female flirting can only offer a handshake, and a border of friendship, I won’t cross, because I respect favorite and I want to be her man she deserves.
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»
You met Anna Chipovskaya, Oksana Akinshina, Vika Daineko… Impressive track record. Does this mean that you’re attracted to only girls media?
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»When we started our novel, a great Anya was unknown to the graduate School of the Moscow art theatre, he worked in the theater and haven’t even got the first role in a big movie. I was lucky to meet amazing and simple girl. She became famous much later. The media never cared, because unlike the feelings of any fame is momentary dust, which can evaporate in one second.
Vika Daineko alone. Admit that you might get together again?
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»I am convinced that love is the sort of thing that can’t just disappear. She just transformered with us, changes with time. So probably all.—
What do you look for in girls?
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»The main feature, without which it is impossible to live – humor. Everything else doesn’t matter when in love. I’ve been trying to understand what should be the woman of the dreams, and was convinced that the formula does not exist. ‘ve seen all the girly types, and each of them is beautiful. Which – no matter if it is the one that will complement you can get to vibrate. And if it’s an episode at night, the facial features unimportant, especially.—
Acceptable to you relationships of this kind?
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»Sure, one night sex always has a chance to become second, third, and then on our wedding night. It always depends on how people fit together. —
Ever had to break up with a girl because of the fact that in bed with her you did not like?
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»I think sex, in principle, to not disappoint can. It’s like the movie “fast and furious” – you always know what’s going to happen, in the end good will conquer evil, but this movie is no less exciting, and even the obvious twists in the story please and not disappoint.
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»
Forgive cheating?
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»Of course. I usually forgive, before you break up with a person once and for all.—
In your opinion, the man in the marriage can be true?
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»I know many families in which spouses are not cheating on each other, they are always so happy when I watch them, I also want. The easiest way to be successful a man is not getting laid a night with a chick, which is not a bad figure, and to be with one night, in the morning, tomorrow and a hundred years. Betrayal is destructive in the first place for yourself. Believe me, I know this firsthand.—
For any past mistakes blame themselves, that would fix it, be able to turn back time?
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»Life is an amazing adventure, don’t fall, only those who does nothing. If to erase from my stupidity, then I will become a boring piece of shit that tells in an interview how good he can sing, write music and scripts, shoot videos and play the role. But the buzz is that we are the real deal! Fall in love, get mad, cry, laugh in the bad moments… I am Sure that the errors we need, they shape us.
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»
What are you in life? Himself something to cook, shirt Pat?
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»Of course. I’m a simple guy, without further ADO, if need be, stand in the stove, but prefer a restaurant or deliver food to the house. With ease and shirt Pat, but have to do it infrequently because of my schedule and moving everyday life as such, in principle, no, more precisely, is, but he’s different, because at airports I am more often than at home.
Unable to cry from exhaustion?
Алексей Воробьев: «Секс не может разочаровать»I doubt, but recently the plane I watched “LEGO Batman” and half cried for the movie, it’s so touching. In General, I’m very sensitive to the world and often cry in movies, but in life it tears fit rationally. If anything you can do to influence the situation, just act. But if, as they say, “sailed”, it is not holding back any anger, no swearing, no tears.—
Well, admit it, after all, just have bad habits or traits, which would like to get rid of?
I have a terrible sweet tooth. For many years I cannot remember a day without something nutritious-delicious. And what about the character… Why get rid of something in yourself when you’re perfect! And damn talented, and handsome as a God, and kind, and funny, and help parents and dogs love, and the girl of his massage as much as twice did, but one problem is modest in the extreme.