Alexei Vorobyov opened the “School of love”

Алексей Воробьев открыл «Школу любви»
The actor intends to help women to find their happiness.

Alexei Vorobyov, who has been its fame as unconditional “Lord” of women’s hearts, has never concealed that he was pleased to always be at the centre of female attention. In secular circles it is no secret that to resist the charm of the singer and actor is not easy. Confirmation of this — the numerous novels of Alex with the first beauties of show business.

“Take the opportunity”, the sparrows decided to share his knowledge: he wants to help
timid young people to meet with members of the opposite
sex. On his page in Instagram Vorobyov said that opens the “School

Professional ladies ‘ man has posted a video. The plot is simple:
she meets a handsome young man, and just a couple
the phrase comes to him. Vorobyev explains why young people
learn after class in his school.

“Two and two — sign up for master classes from the best
the truck-masters of Russia Alexei Vorobyov. Arrange his personal life literally
a couple of sessions with a guru in the world of relationships! Open classes for men: “How to keep up with
each skirt.” And also lessons for women: “How to get married faster than their
ugly girlfriends.” School pickup Alexei Vorobyov: we girls don’t
will you sit up!” — said Vorobyov.